CERES4 is an American lifestyle streetwear brand founded by Dimitri Vigne in 2020. The brand encompasses underlying messages told through the graphics on their streetwear clothing and revolves around the fast pace fashion culture. Born and raised in Brooklyn, Vigne's love for current fashion culture and overall perseverance helped launch the New York based clothing brand. Starting off as just an idea and a couple clothing items, CERES4 now creates seasonal streetwear incorporating comfort, convenience and style. 

The name, CERES4, came about by founder, Dimitri Vigne, initially wanting to name the brand after himself indirectly. The name "Dimitri" is derivation from the Greek Goddess, Demeter, who's Roman equivalent is Ceres. The word "Ceres" also means "to grow" in Latin. The number 4 in the brands name resonates with patience. Vigne always believed that everything in life requires some form of patience and as human beings we must have patience with ourselves in order "to grow."